“A wise man changes his mind, a fool never will”.

If we follow this sentence, then I’m a really wise person.

I change my mind constantly. I don’t see myself as “not trusty person”, but I like to change, everyday I want more and more and I assume that I get bored really easily.

I know you’re probably new here, but on my previous blog – Pale Girl Spot – I said there were changes on its way, and well… here we are.

La Vie d’Eli is my new baby and now also in English.

The name came up after seeing Kate La vie and also from Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amelie Poulin – that I always said La vie d’Amelie. Asked around and some people said they liked how it sounded and that it was more appealing. Besides that, this blog is exactly that, kind of an extension of my own life. As long as I talk more about beauty, there are always other topics I talk about.

And that’s it. Here we have La Vie d’Eli.

I can’t thank enough to Joaquim, who was so patient and kind through this change and helped me with all the technical things. Without him, La Vie d’Eli wouldn’t see the light of the day so soon.

I hope you like it and feel at home ♥



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