Who knows me personally knows that I love eyeliner. I only started to use it a couple years ago but I’m a fan now.
Since then, I’ve tried a few and I have my sweethearts. But last year, the one I had was almost empty and I decided to buy something new to try out.
And there’s where Inglot comes in. I’ve been hearing about the brand for a long time, but unfortunatelly, here in Portugal, we only have a store in Lisbon. However I found out they send the products to our address and that’s what I did.
The eyeliner is 11€ and it’s absolutely worth it.
The minute I tried it I was blown away.
First of all, you just need to touch the brush on the product and that’s enough to do the eyeliner on one eye. Yes, only touch it slightly.
Second of all, it’s really black. Pitch black. I don’t think I’ve ever owned an eyeliner so black in my entire life. Ah! And its finish is matte.
Finally, it lasts like crazy. I apply it in the morning and at the end of the day it’s perfect.
To remove it, you need a good micelar water or a waterproof makeup remover, but nothing that will tear your skin apart. Basically is the best of both worlds.

I already have it for a year now and I don’t think I will finish it anytime soon. I still have 80% left, so you really get your money’s worth.

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