money jar

I believe that each person should do whatever they want with their own money. No matter if you want to blow all your money away at once or invest, it’s up to you. After all you were the ones who worked for it.

However, when it comes to the first paycheck, there’s almost like magic involved. It’s special, it’s the first paycheck.
Because of that, I’ve decided to gather some ideas to help you out.

// Buy something you wanted for a long time – This is the most basic and probably what most of us do or did. Everyone has something that have been dreaming for awhile. Either makeup, that expensive bag that until now we couldn’t buy, clothing, shoes, a day at the spa… The world is our oyster. I think that it’s now wise to spend all of the money at once with everything you see, but when you wish something for so long, it feels good to conquer it.

// Traveling- Either it is a small and more affordable trip or saving for your dream one, there isn’t anything better that having the possibility to go wherever you want.

// Save it- Not everyone wants to spend their money and star saving it at an early age, specially when you don’t have many bills, it’s one of the wisest decisions.

// Invest – If you are bolder and know what you’re doing – o know something who does – why not invest? When it’s well done, everything turns out perfect and it’s great to make your savings grow.

// Help- Your family or an institution that you always wanted to help but couldn’t afford it, this is another great thing to do. There are a lot of amazing institutions that are in need and sometimes, 5% ou 10% of your salary, that we probably would spend on useless things, make all the difference. 

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