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My smile is not something I love. Not even close. I’ve always looked up to improve it, even after I wore braces. And one of the things I always wanted to do was whitening my teeth. However, I kept postponing and never saw it, or see it, as a priority. ut a few weeks ago I received this kit from HiSmile – an Australian brand –  and my curiosity was more than big.

This kit has a mouth tray, a led light and 3 gels which you can use approximately 3 times each.

The way you use it is very simple. You apply the gel on the mouth tray, the mouth tray on your mounth and then the led light adjusts perfectly to the mouth tray, which allows you to do something else during the procedure. Each cycle lasts 10 min, that the brand says it’s enough. but I must admit the last few times I used this I did more times. After all is a way to make the product last a little bit longer.

I drink tea pretty much every day, something that tends to stain your teeth, regardless the good oral hygiene you might have. Despite that and the fact I haven’t use the kit every day to test it properly – I will do so next week, I promise – my first impressions are quite good.

I saw slightly improvements and I haven’t noticed any sensitive whatsoever, not even using it longer than I should have. The brand says that it’s due to the Sodium Bicarbonate based formula.

No doubts I want to use it more and better the last gel to be able to prove what people have been saying about this kit.

You can purchase this kit and another HiSmile products from their website.

*The product was sent to me by the brand, but that doesn’t change in the slightest my opinion about it.

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