the bag zara

On this post I told you I wanted to buy a new bag and showed you a few of my option. A while later, the choice was made, as well as the order, and my new item has already been “walking” with me.

I chose this one because is quite classy, but not too formal. Then, of course the color helped a lot. I have nothing green and, despite the colour, I think it fits with pretty much everything, specially with jeans and black that’s pretty much what I have the most in my closet.

I love the chain – I think it adds a super edgy look – and the size is quite good as well, even though sometimes it is a little bit too small. I can fit my card holder, my phone and not much more. Maybe some makeup to retouch it later.

But aside from that, it’s perfect. The material is thick, which makes it look more expensive and, of course, makes her more resistant. All good things.

In case you want to buy it – and thing you should – you can do it on a Zara store or online. Just search for the reference 4565/104.

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