lack of creativity laviedeli

I’m new with the english content on the blog, so you might have not picked up that I’m a person that kind of goes with the flow. Sometimes I have a lot of content and other times I’m missing.

In fact I thing it happens to everyone. No one is always full of ideas or has the time or the right mind set to create content.

In my personal case it a change of routine. New job, different schedule  and not having ideas all the time make me not being able to post. Not because I don’t want to. I love the blog – and my channel – I want to invest even more on them in the future, mas things are not aligned all the time. These days I’ve been thinking about english for my blog. I’ve already done it a few times before and always came back to portuguese – I even had a english channel but it was so time consuming and filming to exact equal videos made me fell out of love for youtube – but it’s still and idea that comes back from time to time. Not that I think that the language has any impact on the success – or lack of it – of your content. We have a lot of great creators doing their stuff in portuguese. But it’s somthing I’ve been thiking about and I thought I should share it with you. Who knows if you can help me…

Other than that I’m still trying to find my routine – something I don’t really have, but oh well – and in a certain way my own self.

Any idea? 🙂

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