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This product doesn’t need any introductions. It was the product of the year in 2015 and this year keeps being a must have in a lot of people skin care routine.

Named, by a lot, as “the miracle in blue”, Luna promises be good for every skin type and help with wrinkles, pores and firmeness. Besides that it’s free of sulfates, parabens and phthalates, which is something that starts being normal in a lot of brands but it’s never too much remembering that less is more in this cases.

The big differential about this product is on its components, specially the trans-retinol, which is similar to pure retinol, fighting everything that this one fights, but without the nasty side effects that a lot hate.

Even though I love oils, even eith oily skin, I bought it with fear because the price is super high, mas after hearing so many people talking wonders about it, including Raquel from Luxurious Skin – go check her review that is super detailes – and taking advantage of a SpaceNK discount, I’ve decided to sell a kidney and buy this little one.

As soon as it came in the mail I tried it right away. I must admit that I wasn’t one of the people who fell in love at the first usage and woke up in the morning with the opinion that it was the best product in the world, but it didn’t take too long to love it. Because, fortunately, my acne is under control, I cant say it helps a lot in that department, but I can say that whenever I have a pimple or scar I notice they get better really quicker. The pores were also something where I saw a big difference. Because I have huge pores, I didn’t get rid of them, but that they have reduced, that they have.

Another thing is sensitivity. A lot of people say you need to be careful with the essential oils, specially the Blue Tansy, but I didn’t ger any reaction at all.

My skin started getting more even and with a super healthy glow. The morning after I use this my skin is hidrated, not oily and ready to a big day. One thing I also noticed is that reduced my rosacea. I was diagnosed with rosacea – a really small thing – by a esthetician and my cheeks had been red for a few weeks. After I used Luna puff! Gone. I’m not sure if I have in fact rosacea, but I assure that my cheeks are no longer red.

The price is super high – around 85£ in Europe – and that’s the reason why I don’t dare to say you HAVE to buy it. However, in case you want to try it I super recommend it. I can’t say if there are or not better oils – I haven’t tried that many – but this is, without any doubt – a holly grail in my skin care routine and, or I’m super wrong, or I will buy it again as soon as it ends. Despite the price, you only need a tiny amount for the entire face, which makes it last a lot. That and the fact that you only use it at night, makes the price quite reasonable.

I truly advise you to check Raquel’s review as well as Caroline Hirons’ so you can have a better opinion, but I have no doubts this is a great product and you will love it as much as we do.

You can buy it on SpaceNK or Sephora.

Have you tried it yet? What did you think?

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