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VSCO has been udpated and half the world went crazy – me included. I admit that my passion for the app wasn’t only because of its filters, but also because you could see how your feed was gonna look like. That was only because I’m a theme freak, but I know there are a lot of people like me. How many times I changed the order I would post my photos because that’s how it’s gonna look nice.

But with that dman change – sorry VSCO, but it’s the truth – that stopped being possible and we had to go “hunt” for something else. On that journey I ended up finding Snug. Here you can have access to your feed, what means no need to add the pictures you already have on your Instagram one by one, and then you just add the photos you want to upload and see if everything fits.

One amazing thing, that you couldn’t do on VSCO, is that you can switch the order of the photos you add onto the app so you can see which one looks better to you.

I’m still mourning VSCO and because of that I haven’t used Snug that much, but for what I’ve seen I already love it. Simple but effective. Now VSCO is only to edit my pictures.

Follow me on Instagram @elianarssilva and on snapchat elianasilva

Follow me on Instagram @elianarssilva and on snapchat elianasilva


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