Before I start let me say that no, I don’t think these things are necessary and probably, in my case, they don’t even are justified due to the size of my blog/youtube channel. However, and despite of the fact that the title says it is a blog wishlist, I don’t want to buy them just for that. They are things I want for myself, but obviously, in case I can in fact buy them, will be a great thing for the blog and will make the “excuses” to delay posts and videos to end.

The only thing I’m not 100% sure yet is the lens, but it’s something I’m still searching and in case you guys have some suggestion I will thank you ans appreciate it.

But the computer comes from the need – or maybe just the fact that I want – some thing with more quality and that won’t give such a hard time as the ones I had until now.

The camera is here to try to improve the quality of my videos of course, but also because I want something better for the future and that “doesn’t go out of date” so quickly.

Now let’s work hard so I can get these ASAP!!


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