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*Today we get a little bit more intimate. Take a sit*

I must admit that for a long time I understood nothing abut bras. As most of women, I think. However, as I continued to grow, I started to pay more attention to it and discover the various types of bras. 

But one thing I always had for sure. I liked the ones with padding to give a little more structure and underwired. Little I know I would fall in love with a bra with the exact opposite characteristics, in this case Stefania from Intimissimi.  

This one is from the new collection and it’s the main reason I fell in love, but also the comfort. It’s a non wired bra but it gives the support you need (at least for a small/medium sized boobies). I must admit that in terms of “look” it’s not my favourite – I remain in love with Monica by the same brand – but I can tell you I’m looking for this kind of bras with another eyes now.

And they look darn cute under any type of shirt or dress that shows a little bit more, don’t you think?

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