kyshadow laviedeli

After de lip kits, an eyeshadow palette.

Everybody knows about this lauch already, but there’s no news about being sold out in minutes. The shades are really up my alley, so I fell in love right away and the packaging is amazing.kyshadow laviedeli3

However, I wa a little bit disappointed about not having a mirror. Not that I’m used to use them a lot and I actually think that this is great for traveling, but a company that sells million and is always selling out, could afford one, don’t you think?
kyshadow laviedeli2

In the video Kylie posted to present this palette she also revealed that before the end of the year, she’ll be launching two more palettes. Super curious to see what’s coming.

Watching this video, however, I got a little iffy about something… Some shadow pots seem to not be fitting so well, like if they were coming out. Was it just me or somebody else noticed? Anyway, I’m dying to see reviews and to know what everybody thinks about this new launch.

You can buy this palette on the oficcial Kylie Cosmetics website.

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