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Or Essie Button. For me it will be like this.

Estée is one of my favorite youtubers. I love her videos’ simplicity – and hers – all the energy… And of course I couldn’t look past the book. As soon as it was launched and I could buy it, it was mine. 

I can0t give you a full review on the book because I haven’t read it yet, but I already took a look and read a few pages and I can assure you I will love it.

First of all, the book itself is amazing. The cover has some texture, the pictures are some of the most beautiful I’ve seen and the texts I’ve read are so real… It’s not a book about beauty or fashion. Or not just about that. It’s about life. Estée’s life, sure, but something real, with ups and downs, problems and solutions.

If you are Estée’s fans I don’t even need to recommend Bloom, but if you aren’t go take a look. You will love everything. Then tell me if i wasn’t right. 

I bought mine on Book Depository and everything was perfect. No shipping costs and an amazing service, but if you live in the UK, USA or Canada, I’m sure you can buy it from any bookstore or Amazon. . 

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