Skincare devices are here for good. Everyday I find a new one.
All this thing began with Clarisonic and the most recent one is the 
Foreo Luna.

I’ve never used the first one. I do have a very similar one – which I haven’t been using because I lost the charger – and I really liked it. However, I think it was a little bit too rough on my skin.

The main differences between that one and Foreo start on the material. While the other has a brush that twists and vibrate, Luna has a silicone “head” that just vibrates, sending sonic vibrations that help cleaning your skin in a deeper level, but without being so aggressive..

In the regular models, you have different versions for each type of skin. In the Luna Play there’s only one, normal.
Another difference is that the play doesn’t come with a charger, so its life is limited. It’s great to try before spending 200€ on the full size or to take with you when you’re traveling.

But now, what’s important…
I love it.

In my opinion, what makes it great is not the cleansing part. I don’t feel my skin so much more clean than usual. However, since I started using it, every product I use are absorbed so much quicker and easier than before. That means that, besides helping a little with your cleansing method, it makes everything more efficient and the results are there to prove it.
And of course, it helps to exfoliate a tiny bit, so expect a smoother and healthier complexion.

Ultrasonic stimulation isn’t new. Clarisonic had it and what’s good about it is – sorry for being redundant – it helps to stimulate the skin, inside out. This will help to “set free” every nasty thing under the skin (hence being normal, at first, to have more pimples) and then it helps with the external layer, with a faster renewal.  

I am totally sold and I will, for sure, buy its big brother. It has been my ally in my skincare routine.

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