The end of the month, in the blogosphere, means one thing – favourites. At least for the most part of the people, since I’m not one to share my faves eveeery month. You know… I’m quite loyal!

But I gathered some of the stuff I’ve been using and loving lately and here they are. I must warn you though, a lot of skincare.

I already shared my love for The Ordinary so I don’t need to rave more about them. The ones who’ve been glued to me are the Caffeine Solution, Advanced Retinoid 2% and Alpha Arbutin. I saw differences right away I really feel they help me with my skin a lot. 
This serum from Kiehl’s is another staple for me. I’ve been using for a little more than a month but it’s already a must on my routine. Even though I have combination skin, it’s still very dehydrated. With this, I saw massive differences after one or two used. My skin is more plump, soft and even my scars faded quicker. Wait for a review very very soon.
Another thing that has been saving my skin whenever it’s down and doll, is the Oskia Renaissance Mask. Every blogger has raved about it and I get it why. It’s super gentle on the skin and the results are immediate. My skin looks instantaneously more glowy and super healthy. Is my ride or die when I need an up on my skin. This and the Foreo Luna Play. Need glowy skin that shows health? These two are the ones for it.

Moving on to more specific target products, Serozinc is another staple. I already have review here, so I don’t think I need to babble a bunch about it, but I will just say I use it as a toner, sometimes, as prep for my makeup and even after. It keeps my oils at bay and my skin balanced. Perfect!
But… Because I can’t resist to some awesome yogurts and I am a sucker for bread, I still have the occasional pimple. Whenever it happens, the Tea Tree Oil from The Body Shop has been my savior. It’s gentle enough so it doesn’t dry my skin but effective to get rid of the inflammation and redness of the zit. 
Paula’s Choice Clear Extra Strength Anti-Redness Exfoliating Solution with 2% Salicylic Acid is another product I’ve been really liking it – despite the gigantic name. I see significant differences on my scars and texture of my skin. Even though it says this one is extra-strength, I don’t feel it over powering and harsh on my skin. My skincare routine doesn’t include many combo skin/acne products, so I like to have a product or two to balance everything out and this one has been a must.

Finally, moving out of skincare, the HD Liquid Coverage Foundation by Catrice is something that really surprised me. I am a little bummed that even the lightest shade is too dark for me, but I can make it work. However, the finish is amazing, the coverage – even medium – looks flawless and the overall lasting power is quite good as well. To be perfect, I’m only missing the shade range. 
My fragrance lately is another thing I’ve been loving. J’ose by Eisenberg is a love or hate for a lot of people, I’m sure, because it has a scent very peculiar. The best way to describe it is: it smells like a good men perfume, even though it’s a feminine one. Wich I freaking love! If you are bold and edgy, this is the one for you.
Speaking of bold and edgy, but still elegant, my watch from Lord Timepieces doesn’t left my wrist. It goes with everything, it’s classy but edgy… Need I say more? I also have a discount code if you want. It’s eliana10. (not sp btw)

Aaaand, finally, of course, my TV Shows. That 70’s Show and How to Get Away with Murder… I’m hooked. They are totally different but both amazing. The first one is one of the funniest TV Shows I’ve ever watched. I mean… Fez… LOVE HIM! HTGAWM is a cult favourite already and doesn’t need any presentations, but in case you are living under a rock, here’s the trailer to convince you. You can thank me later!


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