Actually, I don’t really think they were ever out, but one thing I’m sure of… They are strong now!

I’ve been seeing them in pretty much every outfit. Either it is a more classy one or a edgier look, with skirts or jeans, thicker or thinner… If until now everyone would rely on bags to ”seal the deal”, now it’s belts everywhere.
I never was a big fan of them, since I was a kid, but the truth is I’m starting to like them quite a lot and I’ve been thinking of buying one to up a look when I need it. Yeas, because I don’t have any. If some jeans are too large for me, I better find a way or I can’t wear them.

The big trend are belts with a bigger buckle – hello Guccy, love you -, but as you can see, you can wear them for any occasion, with any look. You just need to adapt its style et voilá.
Besides being super stylish, it’s a great trick to emphasize your wait when wearing larger clothing that makes us a bit more ”square”.

Personally, I love to see them with jeans and a t-shirt or blouse tucked in, but I think it looks beautiful either way. 

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