As you may have already noticed, I’ve been trying to use more products that are more simple and, if possible, more natural. In that sense, I got to know Alex Carro recently and the concept just did catch my attention immediately.
It’s a Spanish brand and it couldn’t be more simple than this: a collection with only 5 products, unisex… You won’t find any anti-aging products, or that fight 10 skin issues. These are more “general” products, but with amazing ingredients that are great for any skin type.

The Balancing Oil* is an oil that I’m pretty sure will be loved by the already oil fanatics and will make the more skeptic ones falling in love with it. It’s light, has a really nice scent – even though a little bit intense – and it is absorbed quickly. What I feel whenever I use it is exactly what it says it does: a more hydrated and healthy skin, what helps with pretty much everything that might be going on. It won’t cure the acne or fades scars as a miracle, but I always use it when I feel I’ve over done it with some harsher products or when I’m in a bad skin day and I just need a simple and light thing and my skin just loves it.  The Multiuse balmis exactly what the name suggests. I use it only on my lips, but it says it also works on our skin – I assume on dryer areas like knees and elbows – hence the name. What’s really amazing about this balm is the fact that, even though it’s super light, I feel like it hydrates my lips super well. It’s perfect to use under any lipstickmatte or not, and even men won’t have any problems with it because is so subtle that has close to none shine. Besides that, the packaging is so clean – as well as the entire line – that it’s a plus plus plus.

I know this is not the cheapest skincare in the market, but I do feel they are super worth the money. I mean, the ingredients and results and so good… Now I’m super curious to try the exfoliating powder as well!

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