My dear fellas, today’s post is for you. After all you also have skin and you have to take care of it.

The truth is, it’s becoming more common for men to use skincare, even if it’s the basic of the basic. Thank you David Beckham – yes, because he was one of the men who “came out” as a metro-sexual and showed that it was ok.

As you can imagine, I can’t really recommend any specific products because i can’t test them myself, but I know the brands and I know what you should use, so let’s go.

// Cleansing Start from the beginning. Even if you don’t wear makeup, pollution, the other creams you might use, your natural oils that your skin produces… All of that builds up on top of your skin and you have to take it off. It can be the most basic cleansing gel – if don’t have any concern in particular, just find the one you like the most. But always cleanse your skin. If are feeling like you want an up, you can always chose a cleansing device like Foreo. Gentle on the skin, with a super clean design and the results are awesome.

// Toner This is the one I feel is more “optional” and you can kind of ditch if you want to – even though it is important -, but if you feel a bit “extra”, a toner is amazing to balance your skin’s pH.

// Moisturizing The step that most men already does but it doesn’t hurt to remember. Here you can use one that targets any concern you have like more hydration, a mattifying one, or whatever you want, or you can buy a more basic one that’s more than enough.

As far as brands go, you have an infinite number. My personal faves are Clarins, Clinique or even La Roche Posay for a more affordable option. But you have a bunch of other brands on the market that are amazing as well.

Now you don’t have any excuse not to have a perfect skin!

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