This post has been in my drafts for a year… This says a lot!

I’ve seen many blog posts around the Internet where people don’t wear makeup for a few days and, at the end, they felt a lot better, more confident and “free”.

With me it was a little bit different, even though I’ve only done it for a day.
Usually I always wear makeup. Even if it’s a “light makeup”, there’s always something there. The fact that I am self conscious made me kind of a makeup slave. Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup and wearing it, but sometimes I wouldn’t bother to feel good without it.
Last year I had a skin evaluation and, of course, I did wear no makeup. Ok… I didn’t go 100% makeup free. My eyebrows were done and I had false lashes. Hey, it’s not a lot if we think that people tint their eyebrows and have lash extensions, so I think we can say I went makeup free, right?
After spending the entire day with no makeup, I can’t say it was the worst day of my life in terms of self-esteem, but I was always waiting for people to look (and thinking that people were actually looking and notice that tiny scar of a long gone pimple or my pores).
I can say thanks that to the years of acne and my constant battle with it. Besides that, we all have something we don’t like about us and if, with makeup, I can try to hide them, without it they are more exposed than ever. Nowadays, I don’t get a lot of pimples, and the ones I get are my own fault, because they are from the food I eat and shouldn’t. But the scars and gigantic pores make me feel not so well about my skin, to say the least.
If I’ve learned something with this is that there is no problem with not feeling so “perfect”. Makeup doesn’t define us in any way, shape or form.
But I also learned that there is no crime in feeling good with makeup, and because of that, we want to wear it all the time.
More than that, there are some things that are so deep that’s no solution. We will always have the things that we will look at first and will make us feel not so happy about us.

But also, and now this is really the most important thing, that not wear makeup, just like wearing it, is a habit. For as long as sometimes I did remember I wasn’t with makeup on, 90% of the times I was completely fine.

After all we should do what makes us feel good, but leaving our comfort zone is so good. It’s a long journey, but I think we can get there.

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