There are products that come to stay and there’s nothing we can do about that. They become essentials in our routine. In the last few months, these have been mine… 

Catrice  HD Liquid Coverage Foundation / I even filmed a video about this one, since it has been so hyped. My expectations were on the roof and I can give you the spoiler: it didn’t disappoint. The only thing I would change, besides the color range, is the lasting time – it doesn’t stay all day on my skin – but the finish is so wonderful… Huge love!

The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops / They aren’t exactly new, but have been my salvation. By mixing with your foundation/concealer, you are able to achieve a lighter shade, that works better for you. Of course, it would be amazing if the foundation was already the right shade, bue we all-know it’s not always possible. But with this you can use that foundation you’ve been lusting over for months. Even though, a lot of times, it is sold as a product that doesn’t change the foundation’s formula, the truth is it does. Nothing major though – it stays pretty much the same, but obviously more fluid, especially if you use a lot of this. The brand also has some darkening shades, which I occasionally use as a bronzer, but I’ll talk about that later. 

The Body Hemp Hand Protector / It’s the opposite of everything I usually look for in a hand creme – is thick, its scent may not please everyone and the absorption isn’t instant (but it won’t take more than about 30 seconds to be absorbed), but it’s so good and it hydrates so much, that I don’t leave my house or go to bed without apply it.  

Becca Moonstone Highlighter / My first high end highlighter and my cat was cute enough to drop it on the floor, shattering it completely… But sad stories aside, I LOVE this. The shade – perfect for pale people like myself -, the super mild and soft consistency, the finishing… 

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