Beauty junkies will get me. One wants to buy something and simply can’t resist, but also one wants to save some pennies, am I right?

being an avid online shopper – truth to be told I almost don’t buy anything in store nowadays – I’ve been developing my methods to save here and there. 

// Search But do your search really well. I’m constantly comparing prices between websites and in stores, even though, in Portugal, 95% of the times it’s cheaper to buy online. And we’re not talking about 1€ or 2€. I already saves more than 10€  by buying online. Besides that, every time there’s a difference between stores, even if just 1 or 2 euros, I go to the cheaper one, obviouslyy. After all you end up saving quite a lot. 

// Promos If they exist, they have to be used. Whatever the store might be, the only time I wont use a promo code is when they don’t exist. Even in stores like Sephora, Cult Beauty or Space NK. I have to admit I only shop when I have a code – or at least 98% of the time. One online store I love is LookFantastic – I buy the majority of my stuff there – and they have 15% off or even more all the time. Yes, I’m one of those and I’m not even a bit ashamed.

// Take it easy I’m not the best with this either, I admit. But it’s common for us to start adding thing to our shopping cart just to have free shipping or some sort of promotion. It’s wrong! Unless it is something that you’ve been wanting for ages but wasn’t counting on buy it already, don’t do it. Sometimes is better to wait a bit longer and save more money for later so you can buy everything at once and take advantage of the promos, than spend money on things you don’t really need, nor know if you will use or like. 

/Cashback This is something I’ve been doing lately and it’s already part of my shopping routine. I’ve been using TopCashBack and I’ve been been loving it (not spons btw). It’s super quick and they work with pretty much all of the stores I shop at. Another think that I like it that they show you how long it’s supposed to take so you can receive your money. That and the fact that they sometimes have discounts codes to those stores.

What are your favorites ways to save when buying things?

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