Choosing only one makeup item is pretty much an impossible job for me, but without a doubt concealers are on top. I’m a skin junkie and concealer is that one product that always gives that magical touch, specially when your skin is not “perfect”. 

When it comes to concealers, I was never one of spending a lot of money on them. I’ve found some budget friendly that I love and never saw the point of spending any extra on them. Radiant Creamy Concealer is a cult favourite, not only from the brand but also from a looot of people. And the most recent addition, the Soft Matte Complete Concealer didn’t need much time to be a staple on half the world when launched. 

So why not buy and test them out?

I picked them in the shade Chantilly – the lightest of the range and the perfect one for my skin tone. However, due to the difficulty of finding foundations a perfect for me, when I try to use them to spot conceal, sometimes they can look too light. Oh well… I thin I’ll have to use a few more lightning shades on my foundation!

Usually I use the Creamy Concealer for my under eye area and the Soft Matte for any scar, as well as an eye primer. If initially I thought the first one was nothing wooow, I’ve been loving it more and more everyday. It covers any darkness really well without being too heavy and it gives a beautifu, yet subtle, brightening effect.  The only down side is, if you have that area a little bit more dry or dehydrated, I feel it can collect and look kind of meh. But nothing that an eye cream doesn’t solve. 
The Soft Matte, however, is the perfect concealer for my scars and hyper pigmentation and I truly feel I won’t switch. In spite of being matte, is not dry at all and doesn’t accentuate any texture on my skin. The coverage is amazing without being cakey. In my personal case, I don’t really like it as an under eye concealer – even though a lot of people do – because I feel it gets too heavy and dry.

Both of them last a long time – pretty much all day – without having the need to retouch.

Are they expensive? Yes, but they are worth it. Specially the Soft Matte for those of you who might have something to cover.

You can find them here e here, as well as in Sephora’s and a lot of other stores. Luck you living in the US or UK!

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