Two months later I’m back! How many time did I say that?! Oops!

I admit that at the beginning it was a mix between lack of inspiration and a tiny laziness. After that, I started to realize That I really needed ome time for myself. We all have those times, and I have them a lot. So I decided not to force what I think it should be organic, neither here or over on my youtube channel.

But to give you a little summary of these two months, where nothing really happened, basically I decided to focus more on myself. The biggest change was in my “lifestyle”.

Due to health issues I had to change my diet and exercise started to be a part of my routine, 

The first few days were quite hard. I was complaining every day. But now it’ really part of me. I didn’t cut everything completely, but I try to eat with some moderation. And can I say something? I know it’s cliché, but my mindset has change completely. Exercise became my escape and has been helping me with my anxiety – and oh boy, I’ve been needing it -, my body, as consequence, is starting to change which only gives me even more motivation to keep going, and above all I’m much more willing to do things. More willing to take care of me. 

So… That’s it, pretty much. A lot has changed and nothing at the same time.

Keep tuned because there are posts on the way. Meanwhile, you can give me some ideas. They are loved and truly appreciated ♥


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