What else can I say that wasn’t already been said? I think nothing, but let’s give it a shot? 

Anastasia is known, specially, for the eyebrows products. Or at least it was until a few years ago.
Since I can remember, I’ve always heard that their powders (contour and eyeshadows) were the best out there, but it never really caught up my attention. 

Until this little one showed up… The shades are amazing, really up my alley, all the reviews said wonderful things, I even had a friend who owned one and was amazed by it, so I went and bought one to call mine. 

As soon as it arrived I gave it a little test and did the good old swatched. And damn… All that was being said was true. Super pigmented, the most buttery shadows I’ve ever seen, have a bit of a fall out but nothing major, they blend like a dream and last a lot on the eyes as well. I can leave my house in the morning, and by the end of the day it’s pretty much the same. Also, the shadows formula and performance seems to be pretty regular, which only makes me happier.

The brush, which a lot of people like, is not really my thing and I honestly don’t think I’ve ever used it, but it is better than a lot around there. But truth to be told, nobody buys any palette for the brush, am I right? 

The packaging is also beautiful. It’s made with cardboard but it still is resistant. Besides that it’s super light and has a mirror, which makes it perfect for traveling. The exterior has velvet, which I love, but the reality is you won’t be able to keep it all clean and pretty. 

Since I bought it, it’s rare the day I go by without using it. It’s always open in the morning in case I need any of the shades, It is, by far, the best shadow formula I’ve ever tried up to this day. If you are eyeing, give it a try because you will love it as well. It’s worth every penny.

You can buy Modern Ranaissance at BeautyBay or CultBeauty if you live in Europe, in the US you can buy it at Sephora!

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