You’re reading this in 2018 already, but I’m still in 2017. It’s exactly 8.05pm on the the 31st, and I’m writting this in my bedroom with my cat sleeping on my feet!
I wasn’t planning on doing this post, I stopped doing that awhile ago. That and New Year’s Resolutions. But 2017, even though it wasn’t nothing like I expected it to be and I feel like I’m stuck in the same place for a life time, when I take a look at the small things, I truly feel like there was some pretty good things this year.

After a breakdown that was leading me towards a depressive mind set, at the begging of the year, much to my surprise, I was told I wasn’t renewing my work contract. I was hating that and wishing to leave, fact, but the feeling of injustice stuck with me for a bit. But I’m so happy it happened. I was miserable and I know for sure I wouldn’t quit so soon because, you know… But it was the best thing ever. No, I didn’t get the job I dream of, this is the failed field of my life, but I’m light and good with myself and where I am right now.

Later last year I bought a better camera for my channel and in the beginning of 2017 I revamped the blog, but throughout the year I became sloppy with this little corner. I wasn’t seeing myself anymore or in the content I was doing, I didn’t have any inspiration to create and I lost myself a little. But not everything is bad, and I think this time made me realize I really like it here and sharing my 50 cents about stuff.

Also, my health wasn’t the best. Nothing major, but I left myself go with food, I remained lazy AF with exercise, my skin freaked out… A snowball, basically. But once again, it all worked out for the better. Due to the treatment I started doing to recover my skin, I had to change my habits, Eithet that or no treatment for me and my mental health was going down the drain because of it. Said and done. I’ve changed my diet completely (I still it everything, my bread and butter every morning and my sweets here and there don’t go anywhere), exercise started to be a part of my life in a way more intensive way and the results just showed up. My blood tests were great – which is the most important thing -, but my body also started to change. In 2/3 months I lost about 10kg with no crazy diets, my self-esteem is getting back and I’m happier with me.

Basically this was my 2017. The year I’ve realized not everything bad stays bad. Sometimes (a lot, maybe), they’re making a path to something way better. If I wished it would’ve been different? Yes, I did. But it wasn’t that bad either!

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