If you follow this beauty world closely, I’m sure you’ve heard of this little thing, also known as one of the holly grails when it comes to lip hydration. Its own brand – Laneige – is Korean and of the most famous on the market. 

I don’t know if you know this, but I’m currently on accutane and one of its “promises” is to dry out your lips quit badly, so I started preventing that with a few lip balms. Fortunately that didn’t attack me that much. Yes, my lips got a bit drier, but nothing major.  

The lip sleeping mask is, like the name suggests, a night mask for your lips, but of course you can use it whenever you want during the day.  

It comes in a jar, which I know doesn’t please a lot of people because they don’t find it too hygienic, but it also comes with some sort of spatula, so problem solved.
The texture is really balmy, thicker, but it is applied really easily, with no trace of tackiness. That is, in fact, one of its upsides. A lot of the times, if my lips are drier but I still want to use a lipstick with also a drier texture, I apply this over it and it looks super beautiful, like it was a gloss but without getting everywhere. Also, if used by itself, it gives a super nice and super soft rosy color.  

Another good thing is that you can buy a lot of scents, so you can buy the one you like better – the one I have is the traditional one, berry, and I really like it. 

It’s not the cheapest thing in the world, let’s admit that, but in my opinion, if you want and need a good lip balm, this one is super worthy. It will last a long time and the results are great! My lip are way less chapped and super moisturized. 

You can buy at the good old Sephora for $20!

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