I already shared with you my love for Foreo – specially for the play version, which is the one I previously had – and you can find its review here
So, when a few months ago the brand sent me the Luna Mini 2 to try, you can imagine how I felt. Happiness Jumps may have happened.
Since then, and up until about 3 months ago, I used it religiously every day and the feedback I have couldn’t be better! Spoiler Much? I stopped using it so regularly when I started my Accutane treatment to fully commit myself with the routine my dermatologist gave me and to check how things would go without any “interference”. But I can tell you right away that even when my skin was more sensitized, I was able to use it without any problem or irritation. Bonus Points for that!
One of the play downsides was that I felt it started to loose some intensity after awhile. I still think it’s great to try before you commit to a such a big purchase or even for traveling, but it could last the same way ’till the end, right?

When I first tried this one I was pretty sure I couldn’t be more surprised, but I was wrong, I truly felt the difference, efficacy wise, and I love the fact it has a lot of intensity levels – 8 to be exact -, that can be adjusted depending on your needs or skin type – I usually go for the medium one. 
The size is amazing as well! It’s not too big, but has the perfect size to fit perfectly on your hand to be comfortable (well, at least on mine) and to cover a generous area of your face. 
Oh! And it beeps when it’s time to change the area you are cleaning (forehead, cheeks, chin and nose).
Another plus is the battery life. For over 4 months I used every single day, morning and evening, and up until this day I didn’t need to charge it again! Apple, let’s learn something?

I don’t think you need me to say, but here we go: If you are interested in buying it, go for it! It’s quite expensive, yes, but it will last you a lifetime. Besides that, the results are notorious. I feel my skin softer, products are absorbed way more easily which contributes to a bigger efficacy… It’s amazing! 

You can find it on their official website, LookFantastic and Sephora!

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