Whiter teeth, who doesn’t like them? 

My smile i something I always got self conscious about, don’t particularly like it and it’s rare for me to “smile with every teeth” as we use to say, but I still care about them and want them to look as good as possible. I never had super white teeth, neither super yellow. They are normal. Whitening is somenthing I’ve never done either, but it’s on my plans. However, until then, I have to find ways to keep my teeth with a nice color, isn’t that right?

And when Carbon Coco reached out to me in order to send me some products, I got really curious, specially because of how they are formulated and what they use. Their products have activated charcoal from coconut shell, which is known for removing toxins from our body (some people even take capsules with activated charcoal), and in this case it promises to help fight bacteria and prevent plaque. 

I have to admit I wasn’t expecting any miracles, that after a few weeks I would have teeth whiter than paper. After all, I think you only get that at a dentist and even there…. But I was really curious!

I got the Ultimate Carbon Kit, that had a tooth brush, the tooth polish and also the tooth paste.The brush is a good one, super gentle, so if you have sensitive teeth I’m sure you’ll like it. The polish, even though the promise was amazing, didn’t get to try it that much. I didn’t find it that practical and it’s messy. You’ll have “black water” all over your sink. However, whenever I used it, I noticed it helped to “smooth” my teeth, if you know what I mean. I felt they were cleaner than usual. The tooth paste I really liked. It’s also black, but it’s not messy. When you brush your teeth, the foam starts to get white and it’s like any other tooth paste. The feeling is super fresh – which I loved.

The results, because that’s why you are here…
Just a I imagined, it’s not a miracle thing. However I think it really helped to maintain the colour of my teeth and even neutralize some yellow I had (I noticed this mainly when I had some food or teeth that stained a bit more).
If you are looking for something that helps to prevent your teeth from getting yellow, then this is a great option and I truly saw some results. But don’t expect a stark white, a la Hollywood smile.
It’s fun, the promise is interesting and it has great ingredients, so give it a shot!

You can buy a kit just like mine here!

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