If you don’t have sensitive skin, then you probably have no idea of the “drama” that is having to adapt your routine every now and then, epending on how your skin feels. Mine isn’t super sensitive, but being on retinol, sometimes it’s a bit more sensitized than usual and for that I have a few products that never fail me and always get my skin back to normal. Even when I was on accutane and my skin was more sensitive than not, this were the ones that saved my skin. 

// REN EVERCALM ULTRA COMFORTING MASK  Just as the name says, this is a mask to calm your skin. I’ve testes a few REN products and they were all amazing, so  this mask was no exception. It’s super soft and leaves my skin super relieved and less red (if that’s the case). For sure something I will purchase again. 

// LA ROCHE POSAY ULTRA TOLERIANE EYES I bought this eye cream quite recently, after my eye area got quite dry/dehydrated and I also had the feeling my previous eye cream was causing me some kind of internal pimple that was stuck for life. It’s formulated to sensitive skins and, even though I didn’t started to use it on my more intense “accutane days” (so my skin wasn’t super sensitive), this year allergies hit me hard and sometimes my skin really feels it! It’s light, hydrates, without any big fuss. If you want to start using an eye cream or simple are looking for something simple, this one is for you! 

// PAI ROSEHIP OIL I think I’m on my third or fourth bottle and it’s the one product I always have to have around! Even though it i an oil, people ewith oily skin, don’t be afraid! It hydrates but without leaving your skin oily, it really calms and it’s also amazing for a facial massage. Besides that, Rosehip Oil has amazing properties, one of them anti inflammatory; Just google it! No doubt a product I would tell anyone to buy. You also find a great variety of brands with this kin of oil, but I always used PAI and love it! 

// AVÈNE TOLERANCE EMULSION After reading this post from Emma who, btw, is one of my favourite bloggers, I ran to buy it (and believe me when I say I was super fast to do so), and I’m so glad I did! When it arrived at my door, my skin was needing it so bad. It was super sensitive and in need of some tender love. As soon as I applied the Emulsion, the fresh and relief sensation was pretty much instant. It’s hydrating but it’s absorved quickly by the skin.. If your skin needs something comforting, don’t even think twice. 

// ISDIN FUSION FLUID MINERAL SPF I’ve always used chemical SPF and, despite never having fell in love for one, I never had any issues. But then again, with the treatment, the chemical ones started to cause me some burning sensation right after application. It went away fast, but I didn’t like and let’s be honest, the last thing you want in your skincare routine is for it to be uncomfortable. So because of that I chose to buy a physical one, specially after trying the SkinCeuticals one which I loved! Since this one was on sale, I bought it of course (a girl gotta save some money), but they are both great! Super lightweight (but hydrating at the same time), don’t leave me with a white cast and no sign of irritation. Win win win!


Do you experience sensitive skin? What are your favourites?

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